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What does the Vaser ® liposuction method offer? The VASER ® method is a gentle technology in which fat can be precisely removed with ultrasound and, depending on the starting position, transferred to other parts of the body and remodeled there. The VASER ® method is undisputedly the most efficient system for contouring and the tightening of connective tissue. VASERlipo ™: gentle liposuction with very short downtimes VASERhi-def ™: Make the six-pack, chest and upper arm muscles precisely visible VASERsmooth ™: significant skin tightening and cellulite removal

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We will evaluate your areas of concern discuss your goals and determine if you are a suitable candidate for the procedure.

Who is the Vaser ® treatment for?

The VASER® method is equally suitable for men and women. Disturbing or excess fat is gently removed or redistributed. In this way, we use the VASER® to model individual parts of your body, almost like a sculpture, and shape, shape and perfect your body so sustainably. For men and women, the VASER® can be used to specifically target muscle areas on the chest, abdomen and upper arms. The result is muscle design in perfection. In addition, unwanted fat accumulations on the abdomen, chin, thighs and upper arms can be removed or remodeled. The resulting tightening effect is sustainable and natural. Cellulite can also be removed carefully and gently with the VASER®.

Which body regions can be treated with the Vaser ®?

The following body regions can be treated very well with the VASER® belly, lower abdomen, hip, waist chin, double chin, neck upper arms thigh, saddlebags chest, upper back, lower back knee, calves Mount of Venus

When are you suitable for a VASER® treatment?

-if you do not get rid of excess fat in individual parts of the body despite sport and a healthy diet -if you want to perfect your silhouette -if you are looking for a gentle procedure for liposuction -if you suffer from lipedema and the symptoms The treatment with the VASER® is mainly carried out under local anesthesia and within 1-2 days after the procedure you are socially acceptable and can go to work. The complication rate demonstrated in studies is zero percent. The VASER® device has been approved by the strict American FDA (Food and Drug Administration) since 2002.

The VASER® technology?

VASER® technology is a revolution in the field of liposuction and body shaping with ultrasound. Classic methods of liposuction have always been associated with pain and patients have always had to accept bruises, bruises and swellings. That is a thing of the past. With the VASER® method, these side effects are reduced to a minimum. With the VASER®, fat deposits can be removed with high precision. The surrounding tissue is protected and the healing phase is significantly shortened. In comparison to alternative methods of liposuction, such as water-jet-assisted liposuction or liposuction using a laser, the VASER® fat deposit can not only be removed gently, but also particularly precisely. The surrounding tissue is protected and the healing phase is significantly shortened.

What are the advantages of VASER ® liposuction?

-gentle ultrasonic technology -immediately visible results -painless intervention -short duration of intervention -great design options -outpatient treatment without general anesthesia -low risk, You will be discharged home immediately after the procedure suitable for all types of fat deposits, from small to large fat deposits suitable for precise muscle contouring, suitable for skin tightening and cellulite removal, minimally invasive liposuction, only removes the fat and protects the surrounding tissue, minor complaints, less swelling and bruising, short downtimes, rapid regeneration, mild healing process unique tightening effects can be achieved, high lipovitality of 80 – 95%, which means that the body’s fat obtained can be used to a large extent for autologous fat transplantation

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