Nose Aesthetics

Nose Aesthetics

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Nose Aesthetics: Enhancing Facial Harmony

Situated prominently in the center of the face, the nose significantly influences overall facial aesthetics. The procedure known as rhinoplasty, aimed at refining nasal appearance, typically becomes an option from the age of 18. In cases involving pronounced breathing difficulties and substantial deviations, this procedure might be considered at an earlier age. These deviations can also lead to turbinate hypertrophy, colloquially known as nasal flesh. When breathing issues emerge at a young age, they can impact facial development and contribute to various health conditions, ranging from respiratory problems to sinusitis in later life. Rhinoplasty, whether performed under local or general anesthesia, generally favors the latter for optimal comfort and results.

Non-Surgical Rhinoplasty: Exploring Alternatives

Undergoing rhinoplasty with only local anesthesia might not provide the most comfortable experience. While local anesthesia could be suitable for specific procedures like tip plasty, a comprehensive rhinoplasty involving work on deviations and internal structures might induce discomfort with local anesthesia.

Embracing Naturalness in Rhinoplasty

Recent trends in rhinoplasty emphasize achieving a natural-looking result that harmonizes with the individual's facial features. The procedure addresses deviations and turbinate hypertrophy simultaneously. It involves meticulous work on the nostrils, yielding outcomes without visible external scarring. The technique of open rhinoplasty, occasionally chosen for significantly misaligned or complex cases, entails a discreet incision on the lower part of the columella, positioned between the nostrils. This incision fades over a few months, eventually becoming barely discernible. In procedures conducted through the nostrils, corrections are made to bone and cartilage distortions.

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