Brasillian Butt Lift

It is one of the most common cosmetic surgeries in Brazil, and is now also becoming increasingly popular in the world: the magnification of the butt. The butt formation by padding and enlarging the buttocks promises a plump, round butt. Either implants or autologous fat, the so-called Brazilian Butt Lift, are used. The plastic surgeon will determine what suits you and which method you are suitable for after an examination. Butt Enlargement Methods: 1-Enlargement with implants 2-Enlargement with own fat (Brazilian Butt Lift) 3-Enlargement with hyaluronic acid

Bear in mind

Have realistic expectations about the outcomes of the surgeryAs individual results may vary based on factors such as body type

Brazilian butt lift

The Brazilian Butt Lift cushions your buttocks with your own fat and makes it bigger and plumper. In order to achieve the desired result, fat is first sucked off at another point, then processed and injected into the buttocks.

Enlargement with hyaluronic acid

Enlargement with hyaluronic acid is an alternative to Enlargement with implants or with autologous fat. A special hyaluronic acid known under the brand name Macrolane is used.

What is a butt enlargement and what types are there?

Butt enlargement, also called buttock augmentation, is a targeted increase in the volume of the buttocks. The aim of the buttock enlargement is a round, plump bottom, which for many people is part of the common ideal of beauty. As part of an enlargement, a butt lift can also be carried out, which additionally tightens the skin. Two different methods are used.

Enlargement with implants

One option for enlargement is the use of implants. The butt implants used usually consist of round or anatomical silicone cushions and are similar to classic breast implants both in their shape and in their nature. Butt anatomy There are smooth, non-textured implants. The smooth surface is most often used for enlargement, just like slightly textured surfaces. Rough, textured butt implants are also available. Many plastic surgeons like to do without this material because the surface can provoke the formation of wound water. Since the butt implants for buttock enlargement are usually placed under or in the muscle, capsular fibrosis can hardly be found.

Butt enlargement with autologous fat

The process of enlarging the buttocks with autologous fat is identical to enlarging the breast with autologous fat. In the course of a previous liposuction (liposuction), the patient’s own fat is removed from the body, which is then used to fill the buttocks. Places such as the abdomen, legs or back can be considered. To achieve a good treatment result, about 300-350 ml of own fat per buttock are required. The fat extracted during liposuction is processed and then inserted into the bottom with cannulas.

Enlargement with hyaluronic acid

Enlargement can also take place with hyaluronic acid, i.e. without surgery as an alternative method. A hyaluronic acid known under the brand name Macrolane is used. In contrast to the preparations that are used in wrinkle treatment, Macrolane is more networked and can therefore be used to pad large areas of the body. The method is easy to use and reliable and can be assessed immediately after the treatment. Since hyaluronic acid power augmentation is not a surgical procedure, the risks of surgery are eliminated.The patient should only be aware that hyaluronic acid degrades over time and should be re-injected after two to five years for a long-term result.

Implants or autologous fat?

The enlargement of the butt with implants is particularly suitable for patients who want a significant enlargement of the butt. Since the shape and size of the implant can be determined in a consultation, the patient’s wishes can be met exactly. There are anatomical and round butt implants to choose from. The volume can be adjusted to the patient’s remaining body proportions. With a butt enlargement with implants, a greater enlargement of the buttocks is possible than with the use of autologous fat. Autologous fat is more suitable for patients who only want to slightly enlarge their buttocks. A significant enlargement of the butt is possible through several interventions, but an implant is more suitable for a very large enlargement. Buttock augmentation with autologous fat is useful when the buttocks are sagging and sunken, for example after a heavy weight loss. The treatment is particularly suitable for patients who want a moderate enlargement and tightening of their buttocks and who refuse to use implants. With the autologous fat method, the patient must have sufficient fat deposits. Since more fat tissue is required when enlarging the buttocks than when enlarging the breast with autologous fat, larger fat deposits are required here. The plastic surgeon will discuss your individual options in a consultation.

How does an enlargement work?

With implants:The treatment is carried out under general anesthesia and takes about 1-2 hours. As part of an intervention in plastic surgery, the silicone implants are inserted into the buttocks via a cut in the vertical buttock fold. Depending on the shape of the implant, they are placed either inside the glutes or below, which contributes to a significant increase in volume with a tightening effect. The size of the implant and the “compartment” in which it is inserted are precisely matched to one another to prevent the implant from slipping after the procedure. After the implant has been inserted securely, the suture is sutured. Usually self-dissolving threads are used, so that no appointment for pulling the threads is necessary. In addition, small drainages are used to collect wound fluid and a bandage is applied. In order to support the healing process after the operation as well as possible, it is important that the patients take care of themselves in the first weeks after the procedure. After the healing phase, the implants are usually no longer consciously perceived by the patient.

With autologous fat

The procedure is similar to that of breast augmentation with autologous fat. The treatment is divided into two steps. The first step is liposuction in order to gain fat tissue for injection. In the second step, the fat obtained is introduced into the gluteus muscle. The treatment usually takes place on an outpatient basis and under general anesthesia, and takes around two to three hours.

The advantages at a glance

-No visible scars -Very natural looking results -Plump, round bottom -Reduction of cellulite -Firming effect -More self-confidence and satisfaction with your own body -Combination of two aesthetic treatments with the autologous fat method

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