Metaoidioplasty allows you to use the clitoris that has grown from hormones into a small penis. In this procedure, the clitoris is placed higher and the urethra is extended to the end of the clitoris, creating a micropenis. The final functionality is determined by the length of the clitoris, which can vary greatly from person to person. In some patients, the clitoris enlarges considerably, to the some extent that they are able to urinate standing up after the reconstruction. However, this is not the case for more than half of the patients. Due to the limited size of this penis, penetration during sexual contact is usually not possible, but the major advantage of this procedure is that the person fully retains their original orgasmic capacity. Urological complications after metaoidioplasty are comparable to those observed after phalloplasty. In almost 25% of cases, patients complain of fistulas and strictures or strictures of the urethra. The advantages of this intervention: generally, no scar is visible in the genital area and there are no samples with visible scars . Scrotoplasty Today, more and more attention is also being paid to building a scrotum as normal as possible. To do this, the surgeon uses the tissue in the labia majora, which he transfers forward and rotates to place the scrotum in the right place. It may be possible to use the subcutaneous fatty tissue of the mount of venus to fill the scrotum. After a while, this tissue usually shrinks; testicular prostheses must therefore be placed a few months later.

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