Brow Lift

The forehead is constantly in motion. Frowning, tensions, the natural aging process, sunlight and heavy weight loss lead to the loss of skin elasticity. Deep forehead wrinkles, sloping eyebrows and wrinkled eyelids are the result. Most surgeons now use the endoscopic surgical procedure with very small incisions beyond the hairline. The procedure is almost invisible and the healing process is usually fast. The procedure of open brow lift requires an extensive cut around the upper half of the face. Which method is used, decides the individual patient situation.

Bear in mind

Eyebrow begin on the same vertical plane as the inner canthus of the eyeThe peak of the brow should be located above the lateral limbusThe brow should end laterally at a point along an oblique line drawn from the ala to the lateral canthus of the eye

Which results can be achieved?

A brow lift makes the face appear friendly and fresh again by correcting the forehead skin, the tissue and the corresponding muscle parts. Raising the eyebrows is a positive side effect, while reducing wrinkles on the upper eyelids.

Anesthesia form and hospital stay

Before the operation, an anesthetist examines the individual anesthetic capacity. Open brow lifts are mainly performed under general anesthesia. Alternatively, local anesthesia using regionally injected narcotics is available for endoscopic brow lift. In this case, an additional sedative is often administered.

How is the operation going? Procedure with an open brow lift

By weaving the hair, the scalp is exposed. Subsequently, the skin incision is placed behind the brow-hair border. The Plastic Surgeon lifts the frontal skin and muscles to remove excess skin. Also essential is the weakening of the mimic muscles to counteract excessive wrinkling. After wound closure, a dressing is applied.

Procedure for an endoscopic brow lift

After the hair is braided about two to four centimeters long cuts are placed behind the forehead-hair border. These endings are used to detach the frontal muscle to the lateral ends of the eyebrows under endoscopic camera control and move it upwards. In order to hold the eyebrows in the desired position, they are fixed at the incision sites with small fixings in the skullcap. The height of the attachment depends on the extent of wrinkling. Then the incisions are closed and a bandage applied.

Procedure for a temporary brow lift

If a lateral smoothing and tightening of the forehead and temporal skin is desired, an additional cut is made in the temporal region for endoscopy.

What complications can arise?

A brow lift, regardless of the method of operation, is a low-complexity operation with a high degree of efficiency and safety for qualified physicians. In rare cases, weakness of the frontal muscle is caused by an injured nerve. This can lead to limited mobility of the eye. Rarely, hair loss can occur in those parts of the scalp where cut or endoscopic devices have been inserted. As with any surgery, bruising and deafness in the surgical area may occur after bruising, which in most cases will heal on its own.

Which after treatment is required?

The bandage is usually removed after a few days. After the procedure, it is advisable to cool the eye area to reduce swelling and bruising. In retrospect, dry eyes should be treated with a special eye ointment. At the end of the second week, the threads can be removed. Sport is allowed after doctor’s agreement after about three weeks.

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